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Is Critical Role overhyped?

Critical Role generiert einen Riesenhype. Vielleicht inzwischen zu viel?

Critical Role brought me to Dungeons and Dragons and to pen-and-paper back then. By chance, I stumbled across a stream on Twitch and was quickly enthralled by this new magical world that opened up to me. I was captivated by…

D&D Feats – A complete guide


Feats are an optional Dungeons and Dragons rule, but are used by most adventuring groups. They allow you to specialize your characters and make them stronger or more role-playable. So D&D Feats help you build exactly the character you want!…

What is a session zero?

Eine Session Zero ist sinnvoll

Session Zero, or Session 0, is the zeroth session of a pen-and-paper campaign. It is used to clarify the expectations of the players and the game master, to set the tone of the campaign, and to talk about characters, ideas,…