Barbarians: Wild Heroes in D&D

Barbarian in Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5e

Welcome to today’s blog article, in which we’ll look at the fierce heroes of the Dungeons & Dragons 5E universe: the Barbarians! These fearless warriors are known for their raw power and connection to nature. They are the ones who face the wild battlefield and strike fear into their opponents with a loud war cry. So buckle up and let’s dive into the world of barbarians!

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What makes a barbarian?

Barbarians are not the typical fighters who wield their swords or master magical arts. Instead, they are rough and untamed characters who draw their strength from their ferocity and animal instinct. Their fighting techniques are often based on brute force and aggression, and they are known for their ability to fall into a “rage” that makes them even more dangerous. This ferocity allows them to survive even the deadliest blows and destroy their enemies.

Primal Path

Barbarians have a choice of paths that reflect their individual playstyle and background. Some choose the path of the Berserker, which allows them to go on a murderous rampage and maximize their damage. Others prefer the path of the Totem Warrior, which gives them animal spirit powers and makes them more resistant to attacks. There is also the path of the Storm Herald, which allows barbarians to use elemental magic to destroy their enemies. Each path offers a unique gameplay experience and opens up different possibilities for character development. Here is an overview of all the paths:

List of Barbarian Primal Paths

Barbarian weapons and armor

Barbarians are known to wield weapons that others would consider too large or too heavy. They often prefer two-handed axes, large swords, or war hammers. Their armor is usually lighter and more flexible to allow them greater freedom of movement in battle.

Many barbarians also wear animal skins or other trophies to demonstrate their connection with nature. Their weapons and armor reflect their wild nature and give them an imposing look on the battlefield.

Barbarians in an adventuring party

Barbarians are not only lone fighters, but can also be valuable members of an adventuring party. With their high health and ability to deal and take a lot of damage, they can act as frontline fighters and attract the enemies’ attention.

They are also able to protect their allies and rescue them from dangerous situations. Although they can sometimes be difficult to deal with, barbarians are valuable allies and can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Barbarian in Dungeons and Dragons 5e  Rage
A raging barbarian | Image: Dice Scroller on OpenArt

Fighting in a frenzy

One of the most distinctive features of a barbarian is their ability to go into a battle rage. During this rage phase, their damage, resistance to certain types of damage, and even their ability to survive deadly attacks increases depending on the path they choose! However, this state cannot last forever and also has drawbacks, such as a decreased focus on defensive maneuvers. It’s important to use the rage strategically and weigh the pros and cons.

At the same time, the combat rage also offers a lot of role-playing. Besides making bad decisions in combat or social interactions, you can even have your barbarian blindly attack everything around him. Of course, you should also make sure that you don’t spoil the fun for other players.

Well known barbarians

Barbarians are a classic element of fantasy and have a long tradition in literature and pop culture. From Conan the Barbarian to Beowulf, barbarian characters have captured people’s imaginations for centuries. Dungeons & Dragons 5E picks up on this tradition, offering players the chance to step into the shoes of these fierce heroes and write their own stories. Recently, the Critical Role series also brings the actual D&D barbarian “Grog Strongjaw” to the big screen.


Barbarians are indispensable heroes in the world of Dungeons & Dragons 5E. Their raw power, savage nature and unique abilities make them an exciting choice for players who seek the adrenaline of battle. Whether as terrible warriors or protectors of their allies, barbarians leave a lasting impression on the battlefield. So, grab your weapon, roar your war cry, and let the ferocity in you come alive!

Thumbnail image: Dice Scroller on OpenArt

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